Owl update…

So, a quick update on the post from the other day…  I went by the “nest” area again yesterday morning on the way into work, hoping to see mom and dad still in the area. The lone owlet was still hanging out on the same branch, and I did manage to spot mom and dad again, this time one of them was quite a bit closer to the old nest sight. And then, there in the new green of the aspens and cottonwoods, there was another of the owlets… Low to the ground, but up on a branch and at least safe from the critters that may wish him harm…

Survivor... (click to enlarge)

Survivor… (click to enlarge)

The light was quite flat with the overcast sky, but still, great to know that at least two of the owlets now have a pretty good chance at fledging and making it through to adulthood – At least better than had they been stranded on the ground for the few weeks it will take them to mature enough to fly up off the ground.

I couldn’t locate the second youngster either yesterday afternoon or today, but the trees are leafing out so quickly now with the sudden heat that parts of the thicket they are nested are almost impenetrable as far as visibility, so chances are he is still safe, just hidden.

I will update as able over the next few days if there is anything new to report!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


~ by Kerry Statham on May 24, 2014.

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  1. Good news.

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