Early Arrival!


February 4th, on a day that it was sitting at -22C with a windchill in the low -30’s, I had a very unexpected visitor outside my office window today… I actually had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t looking at one of the Bohemian Waxwings that frequent the crab apple tree outside my office, but nope, sure enough, there he was – all fluffed up in an attempt to keep his normally southern arse from freezing. I quickly grabbed the camera out of the bag and rattled off a couple of shots thru the window, hoping to document the sighting before he decided to move on in his look for a warmer spot to sit. He stayed though, feasting on the residual, very frozen, apples in the tree, so I went out and got a couple of better shots.

robin_20140204_008__KKS3157 copy

Brrr… (click to enlarge)

I have seen Robins in Calgary as early as March 1st in years past, but never in February, and certainly wouldn’t expect to see one the first week of February in the midst of a cold snap where nighttime temp’s are expected to dip into the -30’s before calculating in windchill.

So far as I can tell, this poor guy is traveling solo, though there were a few Waxwings and finches hanging out in the area. Not sure how he ended up here so far in advance of his brethren, unless he got all hopped up on fermented berries somewhere further south and decided a road trip was a good idea – Really, who hasn’t?! Though I have to admit, mine were rarely solo – I usually got talked into it by one of my less responsible buddies… I would never make such a careless decision on my own. 😉

Regardless… Is this a better indicator that spring is maybe closer than we think, despite what any of the hibernating, subterranean rodents predicted earlier this week? We can always hope…


~ by Kerry Statham on February 4, 2014.

4 Responses to “Early Arrival!”

  1. A beautiful picture, but I think your robin and the groundhog should get together on the weathr.

  2. I love your writing, Kerry! 🙂 & the pictures to go with it, of course. You are a multi-talented guy!! What was that little guy thinking!! That is a great picture. We are having a cold snap for us. I think it is to be -8 tonight, with a cold wind. I know you would call us wimps if we call that cold, but it does feel pretty cold to us. 🙂 I like getting the email about your postings. Thanks. Love you, Auntie Georgia

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    • Thank you Auntie Georgia! Thanks for the compliments – much appreciated! Still cold here as well… -28C when I left the house this morning but supposed to warm up to about -10C this afternoon, so that will feel pretty nice after the last few days!

      Thanks again for looking in! Love to you and everyone out there!

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