Summer 2014

Ok, I know, it is still the dead of winter here in Alberta, but trust me, this is going somewhere and it will all make sense shortly! 😉

Plans are starting to come together for the coming months, personally and professionally… There will be the annual trip to Northern Saskatchewan in June or July, reservations are booked for the Yellowstone area in August, and just recently, the possibility of a VERY special trip to photograph more bears in September has come up!! While the Yellowstone and Saskatchewan trips are assured, the last trip is still in the infancy of the planning phase… The possibilities are very exciting for so many reasons, let alone the photographic potential of the different trips.

Dude - you totally woke me up... (click to enlarge)

Dude – you totally woke me up… (click to enlarge)

Northern Saskatchewan brings the opportunities to see fox, bears, countless whitetails, elk and the more remote possibilities of wolves and lynx. While the whitetails and fox are rather sure things if you take the time to get out and look for them – the whitetails especially – the bears and wolves seem to save their gratuitous appearances for the weeks before and after my visits historically. I have heard the wolves on multiple occasions, and even been fairly close to them a couple of times, but I have only ever seen one once when I happened upon one doing its best to inform a coyote that it had trespassed on land that apparently he didn’t have approved access to – I have some fairly poor, soft and out of focus images of the coyote limping away bleeding from its flank after the wolf disappeared into the bush. Similarly, not more than a couple of days after we left last year, my mother in law sent me some great pictures of two black bear cubs playing at the side of a road that I had traversed probably a dozen times or more while we had been there. Figures…

Yellowstone Grizzly (click to enlarge)

Yellowstone Grizzly (click to enlarge)

Yellowstone obviously is a world unto itself as far as the photographic possibilities… Again, there are the deer, elk and coyotes, which are relatively fairly common around here as well, add in the antelope and bison, the odd river otter, then throw in the fact that the wolves and bears are generally a lot more visible once you track them down, and the opportunities to see a lot of different subjects in a relatively small area on a daily basis are a dream for a wildlife photographer. Apparently there are even a few landscapes worth shooting there… Something about geothermal features like geysers and rivers that steam 12 months a year, towering waterfalls and canyons with names like “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone”… Might have to check some of those out I guess. 😉

Now, I don’t mean to minimize the attraction of these two trips, but… It is the possibility of the trip in September that has me really excited. As I said earlier, plans are still in their infancy, so I am trying not to let myself get too excited in case it doesn’t happen. New places and new  experiences always attract me – I always love to cover a new road or find a new out-of-the-way corner – so combine such a place with new subjects, and you have the recipe to get me fired up… I will provide more details as the plans become more defined and confirmed, but suffice it to say for now that I am very honored to have been invited on the trip, and am looking forward to being able to once again travel with a couple of fantastic photographers that I have had the opportunity to share a “beach” with in the past.

Looks like it is going to be a fantastic summer! Not very often I can make that kind of prediction while we are still enduring the -25C temps that January and February typically bring to this part of the world, but pretty happy to be able to see the summer shaping up the way it is so far! Now, to deal with February…


~ by Kerry Statham on January 31, 2014.

4 Responses to “Summer 2014”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. It’s so good to be able to have multiple trips to look forward to. I ended up with lots of photos from our Yellowstone trip last year though our luck was poor with bears. If you don’t mind me asking, what part of northern SK do you frequent?

    • Thanks Lyle – I am looking forward to it… Saw lots of bears last time there, but the majority of them were at a significant distance. not the best time of year to be there, but have to coordinate it with the kids’ summer holidays! My in-laws spend 6 months of the year at Candle, so we typically spend a week to 10 days there every year… Maybe have to try to coordinate a day out together if it works out?

      • We went in May when the bears were supposed to be around but there seemed to be a lot more sightings for the spotting scope crowd then as well.

        Maybe if we joined up our luck would double – could be a lot of fun. I had heard there was wildlife around Candle.

  2. Ya – August was crazy there… Any wildlife sighting was creating a massive traffic jam and the wardens were quick to try to move people off to keep things under “control”. I think we are going to be up that way last few days of June/1st week of July – I’ll keep in touch to see if maybe we can swing a day somewhere…

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