Bare Essentials…

Well, a great bit of news for me and River’s Run while Andrea and I were sitting on a train between Belfast and Dublin a couple of weeks ago…

Having come across a call on the internet from Inga Yandell back in early June for bear images to potentially be included in a special “Bear Edition” of Bare Essentials Magazine, I replied to her and asked her to review my Alaska and Wat’chee galleries in the hopes that maybe one or two might fit what she was looking for… I was happily surprised when she replied back indicating that she would love to use a collection of my images in the magazine, and also requested that I write a short article about the origin of the images to accompany them. Excited about the possibility of having some of my work included, I put together a short article around the theme she had suggested, primarily the role of family and children, and of passing along the love of all things wild within the generations of my family…

And then, all quiet…

I hadn’t heard anything back from Inga following my submission to indicate that she had accepted either the images or the article, if any of my rookie-class writing needed revisions, or whether or not they would be actually incorporated into the edition at all. As it was supposed to be a July-August issue, I was eagerly following the website thru the early part of July to see if the new issue was out, but nothing… I had come to the conclusion in my mind that my material had fallen to the proverbial cutting room floor – “Oh well, next time”. I had thought that Inga was going to send me a proof of the material prior to publication, and it now being late July and nothing yet to review seemed to indicate my stuff hadn’t made the cut.

Then, as I said, there I was on the train to Dublin, with some very periodic WiFi access, and for whatever reason I decided I would check the website again to see if the issue was up. There it was. I opened up the digital copy and started flipping thru the pages, truly expecting nothing, and then I hit page 30, in the list of “Contributors”, and there is the picture of my mostly-covered mug from Churchill that I had submitted! I hurriedly flipped through the magazine, wondering just how much of what I wrote and how many of the images I had submitted actually “made it to press”. I was thrilled to find that not only every image had been used in the 6-page spread (pages 104-109), but also that Inga had decided to use my written copy as I had submitted it – That was a HUGE surprise. I have often been told “You write like you talk”, which sometimes translates well to a forum such as an informal blog like this, but not necessarily to a magazine article describing the honor of passing along the treasure of the wild I grew up with to my crew of three…

Wild Legacy (click to enlarge)

Wild Legacy (click to enlarge)

Regardless, I was very honored to see my work in the magazine, and even more humbled to see it sandwiched between the work of Suzi Eszterhas and Art Wolfe, two absolute living legends in the field of wildlife and conservation photography. Please, click here to view the link to the Special Bear Edition and take the time to take in some of the amazing visual work displayed as well as to read the work of some of the other contributors – You won’t be disappointed, I promise!!


~ by Kerry Statham on August 22, 2013.

6 Responses to “Bare Essentials…”

  1. Congrats. That must be very satisfying.

  2. Born in Melfort, raised in AB, but returned to S’toon to go to school in the early 90’s… Still spend lots of time up that way as my in-laws live at Candle Apr-Oct.
    Thanks – I have signed on to follow yours as well after looking over some of your stuff. Looks like you spend a fair bit of time out this way from some of your subjects!

  3. Hi Kerry I follow your blog all the time but haven’t posted a comment in a while. This news definitely deserves a huge congratulations!! Love the pictures but also equally appreciated the article you wrote. Looking fwd to seeing your work in many more magazines, congrats from all of us out here in Kelowna.

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