Waxwings and blossoms…

A new twist on an old theme! A new entry in the “From the yard…” category – the first from the new yard! A beautiful Saturday morning on the back deck with coffee in hand, when I heard the distinctive sound of a flock of waxwings approaching… I assumed they were headed to the neighbors Mountain Ash and the lingering berries that they and the robins have been feasting on all spring. Surprisingly however, they landed in unison in the apple tree just yards from the patio.

I really didn’t think I would have time to get back in the house to get to the camera, dial in the right settings, etc., and still find them there, but I did…

Waxwings and Apple blossoms... (click to enlarge)

Waxwings and Apple blossoms… (click to enlarge)

I’m quite happy with this image, considering it was a bit of a grab opportunity… The colors and the textures of the birds, branches and blossoms all seem to work together… I even already have an order for one in print form! (Albeit from my wife for the collage to go on the walls of the new house! It still counts – right?!)

As usual – Thank you to all for looking in! Hope everyone is enjoying spring wherever you are taking it in!!


~ by Kerry Statham on May 30, 2013.

6 Responses to “Waxwings and blossoms…”

  1. I’ve heard of them, but never saw a photo of them …. So very beautiful! Thank you for posting this! You’ve just made my evening! 🙂

  2. Thank you TK… Lots of them here, but not always easy to get with such a photogenic backdrop. I am glad it affected your evening in such a positive way – hearing that did the same for mine! After all, isn’t that the point of sharing a photograph – the hope it will make someone else feel the way you did when you took it?! Many thanks! Kerry

  3. Great picture Kerry (as per usual). Love the detail – every pixel is a a wonder of light and color. I usually am not drawn really to bird pics – but this is full of life. Great job!

  4. Thank you Auntie Jeanie – Again – making someone look at something they wouldn’t typically find attractive in a new, favorable way means I have accomplished exactly what the picture was designed to do. 🙂

  5. Priceless…. great shot.

  6. Thank you djmrakley! Much appreciated!

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