Great Horned Owlets


These little “turkeys” have been around for the past 3 days now (at least – all I know is they weren’t there Friday, but were on Monday morning…), but they wouldn’t lift their heads up over the edge of the nest on Monday morning, and yesterday it was too dark as I went by to get any decent images. This morning was perfect. Both mom and dad were off the nest when I arrived – mom back in the trees where she typically sits when she leaves the nest, and dad right along the edge of the trees – the owlets were up and active, AND the sun was in a perfect position to cast a nice warm glow on the nest… Dad was very cooperative as well, sitting quite patiently for me in the morning light, though I didn’t want to spend too much time there in total to allow momma to come back to the nest.

gho_20130424_101__KKS3411-fb copy

Owlets (click to enlarge)

I spent a total of about 5 – 10 minutes at the nest, trying to find angles through the tangle of branches to get a look at the owlets where the sun was showing their eyes and faces… Adorable little things… And small – probably about 2/3 the size of a kleenex box, and just little fluff balls. What a great way to start a work day!!

gho_20130424_041__KKS3351-fb copy

Dad on watch duty (click to enlarge)

Have a great day everyone! Happy hump day!


~ by Kerry Statham on April 24, 2013.

7 Responses to “Great Horned Owlets”

  1. So darn cute huh? Happy you got them 🙂

  2. Thanks Leah… Nice that they were up and active, and that dad cooperated so nicely as well!

  3. Such an amazing, magical light…..

    • Thanks Leah – Literally about 10 minutes after sun-up. This morning wasn’t even an option with the overcast and “non-existant” light, but ya, it’s moments like this where it all works out that keeps us chasing that magical light, huh?

  4. Totally, it is moments like these indeed – it fuels the obsession – and puts a smile on our faces – no matter what else is going on :). Looking forward to getting the chance to get out a little more maybe – and with your crazy companion again 😉 ….

  5. What a treat to see…let alone capture. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks again for your comments NJ! Took a quick look in at the nest this morning on the way in – The owlets are growing almost daily… Will post an “update” to FB later! Thanks for following! KS

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