An Honorable Mention!

So, `Sanctuary`has been recognized once again, this time on a somewhat bigger stage. I received notice on Wednesday that one of my submissions had received an Honorable Mention Award in the National Wildlife Federation`s annual photo contest. I found out today it was `Sanctuary`. There were over 28,000 images submitted to this contest, so it is quite an honor to be recognized amongst that kind of competition.

Sanctuary (click to enlarge)

Sanctuary (click to enlarge)

A pretty great way to start off 2013! Actually, if you go back to Jan 1 of 2011 on the blog, I was announcing that the same image had been awarded the top wildlife image in the “Visual Wilderness – Your Best“ photo contest and commented that that was a great way to start 2011… I am truly honored.


~ by Kerry Statham on January 11, 2013.

4 Responses to “An Honorable Mention!”

  1. As you know, because I have said it more than once, and will say it again here…. VERY happy for you and proud of you – well done! ❤

  2. Congrats Kerry!!!! Such a fantastic picture and of course very impressive to be chosen from all those entries! I’m really happy for you!

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