White on white…

I can fly! (click to enlarge)

From yesterday… While out bar-b-queuing, I noticed a very large and healthy coyote coming towards the yard after being displaced from his resting spot by a couple of cross-country skiers. I quickly ran in to grab the camera in case he came back out of the trees within range. While I was standing watching for him, I saw a small black and white spot moving across the snow a couple of hundred yards away, but dismissed it as a magpie flying low across the ice. Within a couple of minutes, I saw a small black spot moving towards me just behind the fence. As I brought the camera to my eye, I realized it was a weasel with a mouth-full of something. I quickly rattled off a couple of shots, and the sound of the shutter startled him into actually spitting out his prize and heading for the cover of the cattails.

Knowing he was unlikely to leave his meal sitting there unattended in the snow for long, I waited just a few seconds before he returned to reclaim his lunch. I got a couple more good images of him as he picked up to me what looks like the remnants of a muskrat “face” and hurriedly ran into the rocks along the bank of the creek to stash and enjoy his reward.

Not what I was expecting to see when I grabbed the camera from the bag, but it just goes to show you that you never know what might happen, and it pays to be prepared!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!


~ by Kerry Statham on December 29, 2012.

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