Getting Wild…

 A great weekend… It started Saturday with The Camera Store’s presentation of John E Marriott’s seminar entitled “Getting Wild about Photography”… A day-long course offered by one of the local and international masters of wildlife photography on “tweaking” your images and composition to make them “presentable” and hopefully, sell-able! A lot of great tips, some really bad humor (sorry John), and a great use of 5 hours…

Sunday was a complete day in the field with John for myself and 4 others that saw the value in the dollars required to partake in the day… It was an 8 o’clock meeting in Kananaskis for our group of 6 before heading out for the day in the search for the wildlife of K’ Country and Banff National Park. While we weren’t disappointed in our search for animals, the “trophy” critters that we hoped for – wolves, lynx and cougar – managed to elude us for the entire day, despite seeing multiple sets of fresh tracks in the snow from all of them throughout the day. We did manage to get close to some beautiful Bighorn rams and ewes, and they were all incredibly cooperative in the beautiful falling snow.

Snowy Bighorn (click to enlarge)

While we spent good parts of hours tracking and looking for the wolves of the area, we were sadly disappointed, despite the fact they had been seen in the area just the day before in a VERY public setting! That said, we were all incredibly excited to come across a very healthy, and seemingly un-sleepy, Grizzly at the end of the day, unfortunately in what can only be described officially in photographic terms as “crap-light”…  I did manage to get a couple of very bad, out-of-focus and underexposed shots of the bears arse as it slowly walked away from us over the ridge, disappearing into the overbearing twilight. But still – A grizzly, on December 2nd! Pretty cool…

All in all, we saw muleys, whitetails, lots of sheep, some truly majestic bull elk (again – too dark and too snowy for anything of quality) and one large, fat and completely unexpected grizzly bear. Add to that the sets of tracks from 2 different wolf packs, a cougar, a lynx and multiple moose, and it was a truly awesome day. Not a bad way to spend the day… Again, thanks to John Marriott for the weekend – I look forward to seeing you – and the rest of the group – out in the field in the near future!


~ by Kerry Statham on December 6, 2012.

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