One more elk..

One more capture from last weekend… This guy was so convinced there was a cow elk on my side of the creek that even tho’ he knew something wasn’t “quite right” as I stayed still and shot image after image of him, he refused to leave. He stood there drooling and chirping, trying to make the cow he was convinced was there make an appearance.

The Challenge. (click to enlarge)

Even as I walked out, heading back to the truck and obviously making him fully aware of “what” I was, he followed me out, I’m sure convinced that he finally saw an opportunity to find the object of his desires that had remained so well concealed while he endured my presence. As far as his “odd” left antler, it looks from some of the images that he broke his main beam off while it was fairly early in its development, just behind the 2nd tine. As a result, it looks like the 2nd tine just continued to grow to make up for the loss of the rest of that side of his antler.

Quite a morning…


~ by Kerry Statham on October 7, 2012.

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