More from SK…

Just a couple more “portraits” from the trip to Saskatchewan a couple of weeks ago… The fox posed nicely again for me – this was the first morning I came across this family and the suspected den site, early in the week before I managed to get access into the property. Early morning light but from the wrong direction had him largely shaded, but you take what you can get under the circumstances!

Morning pose. (Click to enlarge)

This whitetail didn’t have the biggest spread or the longest times of the bucks I saw thru the week, but he certainly had the most mass and the most points of any of them… He had a second row of tines growing along the inside of the main row on the right side, as well as a split brow tine to give him 8 points on the right. Add that to the 6 it looked like he would finish off with on the left and he is going to be a real bruiser this fall… Would love to see what he looks like in hard antler in a couple of months!!

14-pointer (Click to enlarge)


~ by Kerry Statham on August 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “More from SK…”

  1. Thank you for sharing! He’s a handsome Buck! I learned something new…. I hadn’t realized that bucks could have quite so many points – shows my limited detailed knowledge of these beautiful animals. He’s certainly going to be grand in a few months Kerry!

  2. Thanks Leah – Yup, they can get pretty bizarre looking… Most “typical whitetails” have 4-5 points per side, but they can get absolutely out of control in some cases. Check out this link:

  3. Warning – not all content is appropriate for all viewers!!

  4. Wow!! I only just saw your reply Kerry – so looked at the link!! That set of antler are certainly out of control huh!! Interesting 🙂

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