For Leah…

So, not from Saskatchewan, but rather from my drive in to work the other day… This little fawn was enjoying a little bit of breakfast with her mom in the beautiful early morning light. She seemed relatively unalarmed as I slowed and approached, getting the camera ready at the same time. Just as I got close tho’, she decided that was close enough and bolted – launching thru the tall grass.

Launch! (click to enlarge)

The light was spectacular, and I managed to catch her perfectly frozen in mid-flight… She and mom trotted off a couple of hundred meters and then turned to make sure I was going to leave them alone to finish their breakfast…

Thought you might like this one Leah!


~ by Kerry Statham on August 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “For Leah…”

  1. beautifully lit, sharp shot and full of life! Love it…..

  2. Still live this!

  3. 😉

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