Candle Lake ’12

So, a pretty good trip to Northern Saskatchewan last week… We got some boating in, got the kids a few hours of fishing, lots of beach time, and Andrea and I both got up on water skis for the first time in a while for both of us – about 22 years for me! I’ll tell you, most often I don’t feel my 45 years old, but my back sure gave me a quick indication of how old I am once I got up on those skis and fought the rough water for a loop or two!

Also managed to find a young family of foxes that were very comfortable with, if not overly cooperative for, me… I say not overly cooperative because they got so comfortable with me that they pretty much spent the majority of their time basking and sleeping in the morning sun on a large dirt pile near the den entrance. One of the kits was bold enough to approach to within 3 meters of me on a couple of occasions – I guess just making sure I smelled “safe enough” to continue resting! Regardless, after gaining permission to get access to the large piece of industrial property long before business hours, I was able to spend parts of 3 mornings with the family. Pretty rewarding to watch them check you out and then accept you enough to go back to sleep and let you approach to within 10 meters and snap away…

Fox and cattails (Click to enlarge)

Morning rest… (click to enlarge)

Still lots of sorting to do, but a couple of examples so far! Lots of big whitetail bucks around as well, along with a few fawns, so will get thru some of them soon and get some of them posted in the near future…

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe long weekend!!


~ by Kerry Statham on August 9, 2012.

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