Close encounters…

Another great day in the mountains of Alberta on Monday… We – Leah of Altitude Art and I – headed up thru Kananaskis early in the morning, eventually making our way into Banff National Park, hoping to see bears, but really just happy to be out. We weren’t disappointed, seeing coyotes, elk and lots of new lambs that just 3 days earlier were no where to be found on almost exactly the same route. We didn’t find the bears, but as we wound our way back towards the park gates we came across a bachelor group of 4 bull elk calmly feeding just off the road. We plunked ourselves down and waited to see what they were going to do…

Close up. (Click to enlarge)

A full frame shot captured as this beautiful bull sauntered by at about 2 yards… I was actually amazed my lens was getting focus at that range, but here’s the proof. We were lucky to be able to spend best part of 30 or 40 minutes with these four bulls in varying degrees of antler development. This guy certainly wasn’t the biggest of the bachelor group, but he was certainly very comfortable with us. Seconds after this was taken he walked straight over to Leah and began to feed directly in front of her, at one point lying down not more than 5 feet from her.

Close encounters… (Click to enlarge)

Pretty special… To be able to look directly into the eye of such a magnificent animal at that range was breathtaking… A fairly memorable way to wrap up the day.



~ by Kerry Statham on June 19, 2012.

One Response to “Close encounters…”

  1. Great summary of a fantastic day Kerry!! I’m still smiling!

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