How lucky am I?

Momma and her triplets

Wow – what a day… Dad and I met at 6 am this morning to do our now annual trip to look for bears on “opening day”. We both woke to torrential downpours, wondering just what we were in for as we headed to higher country after being snowed out last year. However, we both were hopeful knowing that the weather has been “upslope” recently, meaning that we just might get clear of the rain as we headed west into the next valley. Luckily we were right, and by the time we got past the foothills and into the mountains, we were facing beautiful sunlit peaks amongst the clouds…

About 40 minutes into our traverse across the pass, more or less on the base on the far side, we both suddenly said out loud “There’s a bear!”, followed very quickly by my “With triplets!”. We slowed well away and approached slowly, realizing she certainly wasn’t stressed at all by our presence. We took some pictures quickly, just in case she decided our interlude was over, and then slowly moved closer – still at least 150m away. We continued to move closer slowly, and then heard a vehicle approaching us from behind. We turned to look over our shoulders and saw a Conservation Officer driving slowly towards us, turning his lights on as he neared. He slowed to talk to us and politely said he was going to “Move her off now”. I said, probably a bit desperately “Already?”, but he explained, as we both were well aware and in agreement with, that this is how they get killed… So, he drove up to them, set off a bear-banger, and they were gone…

But how lucky… 3 beautiful, healthy yearling cubs, and an obviously healthy and successful momma. That unfortunately was the end of our bear sightings for the day, but we saw lots of wildlife beyond the bears (stay tuned for more pics…) What else could you ask for?!

Oh ya… I checked the mail when I got home and the Summer 2012 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada was in the mailbox… With one of my pictures on page 56!! I have had photo’s published before, but this is the first time in a REAL, dedicated photography magazine. Great way to end a great day – until I read the credits… “Kerry Stathum”. What?! I have had my name spelled and pronounced incorrectly all my life, but never (ok – maybe at grad) in a situation that meant as much to me. Guess I should be used to it by now. I just wonder if Jason has the same struggles…


~ by Kerry Statham on June 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “How lucky am I?”

  1. great pic Kerry and congrats on your photo making it in the magazine, that is awesome!!!!

  2. How Lucky are you? ….. Truly Lucky Kerry …. and your deserve all the luck …. very pleased for you 🙂

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