Banff – Kananaskis

Spray Valley Ram

So, a nice day out in the mountains of southern Alberta on Thursday with Leah from Altitude Art and Custom Framing… The weather wasn’t great, and we drove through all 4 seasons before we even got to Canmore! Things didn’t look promising early as our first loop through a couple of usually reliable areas turned up nothing more than a few whitetail does and the odd muley. We drove the parkway out to Lake Louise hoping to come across some of the bears that have been spotted in the area recently, or maybe even some of the Bow Valley wolf pack if we were really lucky, but no such luck on either account. We did manage to find a few bull elk that were somewhat reluctant to pose for us other than in a consistent feeding pose – nose to the ground and rarely looking up.

After a brief stop in Canmore and a visit with Jason Bantle – one of the other photographers I met up in Wapusk this spring – at his All in the Wild gallery, we headed south along the Spray Lakes road towards K-Country. In all my trips along this route I don’t believe I have ever seen so many Bighorn Sheep on any given day… they were everywhere! Mostly rams in medium to large bachelor groups (as many as 16 in one group that we could count – there may have been more hidden in the trees), as I assume the ewes are moving off to safe and remote areas to have their lambs.

Gonna have to repeat the trip I guess to try and find the bears – and maybe cubs! Sooner than later hopefully! Thanks for the day Leah – hope you enjoyed it as much as I did…


~ by Kerry Statham on May 19, 2012.

One Response to “Banff – Kananaskis”

  1. The weather certainly didn’t stop our enjoyment of the day Kerry! Yes – Of course I enjoyed it as much as you did, and am looking forward to the next with eager anticipation and have a very positive feeling that we will be rewarded with more sightings that will include a wider array of wild beasts!

    The other thing that the weather can’t seem to stop….. is your eye for catching a beautiful image, like the one above….. awesome 🙂

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