Wat’chee 2012

So, four and a bit fantastic days at Wat’chee… It was an amazing place and quite the adventure. As luck would have it my computer died the afternoon I arrived in Churchill – what are the chances?! So, am now working from Andrea’s computer, which means I had to load and download ALL of my software and the respective updates before I could even look at any of the pic’s! Talk about frustrating!

So, amongst the Okotoks Timbits Season Finale hockey tourney today, I have finally gotten to look thru some of the images I brought home – thank god I had packed the external drive as a means of downloading and storing the over 3000 images I shot over the course of the trip. Thanks to Jason for the use of his computer as a ferry between my cards and my drive!

I will sort and post more over the next while – while I shop for a new computer – but here is a bit of a teaser for you to look at in the meantime. This was taken in the first 12-18 hours after she got these little turkeys out of the den… We had been watching her poke her head out of the den up until the end of the useable light the day before, and on returning to the area the next morning, the trackers saw she had left in the night sometime. They followed her tracks about a mile to the northeast before finding her lying along the frozen lake shore with her twins. We arrived shortly afterwards and were privileged to be able to spend the next 6 hours with them in various spots… watching her nurse her cubs, the cubs rough-housing and using her as a play structure, and then just sleeping peacefully with the cubs all tucked into her belly, completely protected against the cold and wind. Unbelievably special…

Momma and cubs (click to enlarge)

P.S. – I am working from an uncalibrated monitor at this point so I hope the colors look ok!!


~ by Kerry Statham on March 10, 2012.

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