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From the archives… From Katmai Park back  in the summer of 2010. This little guy was quite bold, and approached, along with his sibling, to within an adrenaline-stimulating distance considering his very healthy looking mother was only 50-60 metres away. She watched from a distance but obviously trusted us as she almost disinterestedly continued to feed while her cubs put on quite a show for us, wrestling and rough-housing at a distance of about 5-10 yards for several minutes.

Eventually, either mom had had her feed,or she had had enough of us as she wandered over to collect her cubs and meandered right thru the midst of our group (we were only about 5 metres apart)… This little turd lingered a bit behind the other two, getting so close as to nose one of the cameras – everyone who had a flare had their hands on it – before mom finally gave an impatient “woof” and he decided he had better heed mom’s request to join her. They continued off into the brush, and we all sat for a while waiting for the adrenaline-fueled tremors to leave our hands and legs… I have to admit, even tho’ there were times thru the 10 days we were even closer to even bigger bears, the moment mom walked her cubs right thru the middle of our group was the closest I got to actual fear without actually being afraid for my own existence. Spectacular memories…



~ by Kerry Statham on February 16, 2012.

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