From a couple of weeks ago… In all my years of driving highways, secondary roads and grid roads, and my hundreds (? thousands) of days in the field hunting, fishing, hiking or whatever, I have never seen this. I have seen LOTS of pairs of twins over the years, and even the odd, infrequent set of triplets, but never, never quadruplets…

My first reaction was one of amazement and disbelief (I was looking for a second doe somewhere close by), then of sympathy (I have been in the delivery room for all 3 of my kids arrivals – Poor momma), and finally the realization of how lucky I was to see this. What really surprised me was that they were all in an area that I go thru regularly, and yet this was the first time I had seen them all spring and summer. Now obviously I can’t swear that these are all her offspring, but I did watch for quite a while and there definitely was not another doe around, and as far as I know, deer typically aren’t known for taking in orphaned fawns.

Momma was just out of the frame to the left, and her 4 little ones were staying pretty close. The morning light was beautiful, but trying to capture them all looking in the same direction, never mind looking at the camera, proved to be an impossibility – at least when they were all visible from behind the blowing grass they were “hiding” behind.

Eventually mom had had enough of me hanging around, so she gave a little snort and all four of them bounded off with her into the field behind them… Pretty lucky to see this crew – made my morning!


~ by Kerry Statham on September 27, 2011.

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