Timbits 2011 – Weekend 1!

Take a knee boys…

So it has officially started… my/our life in a hockey rink began yesterday morning with evaluations for the Okotoks Timbits hockey season. Day 1 was a bit of an adventure… Little Owen, after not even getting his skates on once last year, took to the ice along with about 30 other kids in group one of four for the coaches to have a look at just who they have out this year. The first 10 minutes were a little rough as it was a consistent dose of “He’s up!”, “Oh, he’s down…”, “He’s up!”, and so on. There were a few tears early and he kinda made his way to the gate to tell mom “I’m just going to take a little break for a bit…” Mom had to turn him around and tell him “No, you need to stay out there…” – hard for mom and Owen.

From there, it actually improved in a hurry! He was skating – using the term loosely of course – puck handling (more loosely) and shooting – typically followed by an “Oh, he’s down…” It went well for about 45 minutes, and the legs started to get pretty weary, and as the falls increased, the drive to keep going decreased exponentially. More tears and frustration, but he got thru it to the end, and was actually looking forward to his second go at it this morning – at 6:45 am (who sets this up?!)

Completely different kid this morning – no tears, at the start or at the end – many fewer falls, and there was no sign of “imminent shutdown” as the morning went on today. And, there were actually some smiles to boot! Now, a week to rest up before he’s back at it for round two of eval’s next Saturday and Sunday.

Happy weekend all!!

Smiles on Day 2!


~ by Kerry Statham on September 18, 2011.

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