Mutton Bustin’!!

Ride 'em cowboy!

OK – so the “Western” summer continues… My little man has been dying to try Mutton Busting since he saw it first months ago either on the tv or on the computer (neither Andrea nor I can remember exactly where the obsession originated…), so mom got the info together and got his butt entered at the Okotoks Pro Rodeo this weekend. Just bring a helmet, sign a waiver, and get on and hold on!! After watching his big sister barrel “race” and tie goats, he was pretty pumped to finally get his chance in the arena.

We arrived a bit early and while standing in line, he ran into one of his Kindergarten buddies from last year in the same line, also holding his helmet! That was pretty much it – from that point on they were attached for the next couple of hours while awaiting their turn on their own version of a wild bronc or a full-blown buckin’ bull. Their time came, and before there was any chance to reconsider, he was plopped down on a sheep, gave a nod – the chute attendant made sure they understood “Don’t nod your head until you are READY to go” – and the gate swung open. I was too far away to hear anything as I was down where I could get an angle with the camera, but from mom’s account, he let out a piercing scream and away they went! He actually looked like he had done this before… He stayed on most of  the way across the arena before over-correcting a slight list to the right and got dumped off the left side.

His mom and I were both a bit nervous about this phase of the experiment – Let’s just say routine “injuries” sometimes require extraordinary responses with Owen – and we were hoping there wouldn’t be a need for an EMS crew once he got dumped. He picked himself up, dusted himself off and ran back to the chute 10 times more excited than he was before he got on! Pretty proud of the little man. What a great time – Oh, and the rest of the rodeo was great as well!


~ by Kerry Statham on September 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mutton Bustin’!!”

  1. Kerry time to move to a ranch….looks like you’ve got yourself a family of cowboys/girls!!!!!! Great job Owen!!!!

  2. Odie-O says “Thanks!!”…
    He had a blast, but like I said, we were both a bit surprised how well he did after he came of the sheep – that was the part we were concerned about it, but the actual quote was “I didn’t feel anything when I fell off…”. Perfect!
    Hope all is well out there!

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