My Little Jess…

Goat Tyin’

So… My little girl, having NEVER spent a minute on a horse in her life, enrolled in a Western Riding camp this week… Maybe I shoulda clued in when I realized the name of the outfit running the camp was “Cowgirls Inc.”, but after 4 days of working the ranch and all sorts of different riding lessons, they had a Gymkhana display for the parents and families this afternoon. The kids put on an awesome display of barrel racing, pole bending, and then the finale – Goat Tying. My little girl picked this poor goat – who was fodder for all 16 or so of the kids – up off the ground, threw her down, and tied up her legs like she had been doing it all her life… What a week. Blisters, dirt, and LOTS of smiles! We may have started something…


~ by Kerry Statham on August 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “My Little Jess…”

  1. Wow!!!! That’s great Jess you look like a real pro!!!!

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