Momma’s den

From our recent trip to the forest country of Northern Saskatchewan… I was out with the dog early in the morning and happened to turn to look behind me – you just get that feeling somebody or something is watching – and sure enough there was momma fox out on the middle of the road, watching me. I brought the dog to my side and stood there waiting to see where she was going to head off to, but was pleasantly surprised to see first one, then another, and another, and finally a fourth kit come out on to the road with her.

She was obviously  nervous, as the slightest movement or noise had her ushering her kits back into the brush at the side of the road. I stayed a while, watching, and the kits would run out and tackle mom or roll around together, but each time they headed back to the brush, they used the same “exit”, leading me to believe they were going back and forth to their den.

Momma's Den

I took the dog home and returned a while later, watching the roadside for any sign of activity… I had an idea of where they had left the road, but wasn’t sure where they had gone, or how far off the road the den was,  if it was even there. Finally, some movement in the back yard of one of the cabins, and sure enough, it was her, again, watching me. I got a couple of quick pic’s, but with her deep in the shadows of the forest, they weren’t anything worth saving. As I watched however, she darted under the corner of the shed in the picture and disappeared – I had found the den!

Still without my 400mm (Tsunamis create long backorder times for parts at Nikon… sigh), all I had was my 200mm/5.6 to use for the next couple of days before it was time to head home… I “staked out” the den a few times over those 2 days and eventually got to the point where she would tolerate my slow approach and go about her business of coming and going looking for the next meal for her kits in the den. This was one of the results – Enjoy, and thanks for looking in!


~ by Kerry Statham on July 28, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kerry!

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