Tree Swallow on Spruce

The Watcher

We planted a new spruce in the yard this spring, and I was concerned it was going to be too close to the bird house our annual visitors had once again taken up residence in… Apparently not. While momma has been sitting on the eggs, her hubby has taken to using the spire of the spruce to use as his watch point. Lucky for me.

I broke my 80-400mm a while back trying to avoid a deer that darted out in front of my truck, so had rented a 200-400mm/f4 from, and luckily it was hooked up to my body when he perched up there in the morning light. Love it – in fact I think I have found my next toy!! Now – financing… hmmm.


~ by Kerry Statham on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tree Swallow on Spruce”

  1. Yes….hmmmm…

  2. I think you found your next toy too! (And something to make me very jealous!)

    I love this image Kerry, Beautiful!

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