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For Rent - 2-storey Walk - Up

It has been an unusually long, cold, and snowy winter in these parts this winter… This part of Alberta can usually count on 3-4 good melts throughout the winter due to the winds that blow out of the Rockies, locally known as “Chinooks” (from the local Native American word for “snow-eater”), but this year we have yet to encounter anything other than the odd brief, infrequent day- or two-day long respites that have failed to reduce the snow accumulation by more than a couple of inches at any given time. If things don’t change in a hurry, the local bluebirds and tree swallows that would normally lease this space for the summer will be able to walk up to their door this spring, but may need a security fence to keep out unwanted “visitors”. Keep in mind this is a full height barb-wire fence post that would normally place this bird house 3-4 feet off the ground…


~ by Kerry Statham on March 25, 2011.

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